The Living Wood Fair Incorporated is a non-profit, community run organisation.

The Mission

There are several aims of the Living Wood Fair –

  • teaching skills and passing on knowledge
  • facilitating solutions based discussion on environmental issues in industry
  • inspiring and empowering people to make positive environmental changes
  • creating deeper community connection
  • showcasing sustainable alternatives
  • demonstrating and teaching craft techniques
  • enabling community and industry connection

The Beginning

After percolating the idea for several years Graeme and Liv Scott decided to make the Living Wood Fair a reality. It took a full year to organise the first event in April 2018. Through huge learning curves and many exciting, nerve-wracking and challenging moments, with the help of a dependable core team they produced a brilliantly successful event!

Graeme first saw a real need for an event like this after living in Golden Bay for a couple of years. There were so many skilled woodworkers and people with forestry knowledge in the bay, who had been experimenting with sustainable techniques for years on their own properties, but there was no way of collating or showcasing their knowledge and skills.

Graeme Scott during his week long Traditional Timber Frame Joinery Course

Having sap running through his veins himself, he understood that this was an untapped resource and he saw an opportunity to help facilitate positive environmental change and create a platform to bring these people out of the woodwork to support, share and honour their skills.

Even though Graeme and Liv had never been event organisers the many years experience working on and attending festivals and wood fairs across Europe and Canada, meant they understood what made a great event.

It’s variety – something for everyone – that works. There needs to be plenty for the kids so that the parents can tag – team it to get to do the things they want. Hands-on workshops, educational talks, eye opening information stalls, fun demonstrations, live music, heaps of kids activities and a buzzing market is a winning combination!

Liv Scott, co-director of the Living Wood Fair

The Living Wood Fair is a positive, proactive, community-strengthening expression of the deep passion Liv and Graeme have for taking responsibility for their environmental impact. This has taken many forms over the years from the eco building company they ran in the UK to their off grid lifestyle, founding the Golden Frames Woodworking School and most recently cofounding non toxic building company Tiny Lifestyle. All these aspects weave together to create the passion and integrity behind the Living Wood Fair.

The Team

Graeme and Liv Scott

Graeme and Liv Scott are the founders and directors of the Living Wood Fair (LWF).

Graeme is the site manager and is in charge of all the logistics,
site building and creating the beautiful spaces. He is also the Building Forum host, Timber Framing workshop tutor and committee member.

Liv is the treasurer of the LWF committee. She manages funding, sponsorship, program development and bookings for workshops and talks and is the main administrator.

Sacha Horton

My name is Sacha Horton and I am part of the team making the Living Wood Fair happen. I was born in Amsterdam and moved to Aotearoa 15 years ago. I have two sons, aged 14 and 12. We live in Takaka, Mohua. I started my own business organising events and promotional campaigns in my early twenties. I have been a facilitator of youth events, cultural events and scene-marketing events. My strengths are networking, creative concepts and strategies and out of the box solutions. Currently I am self-employed and offer promotional support, celebrancy services and event coordination under the name Get Real.

I am involved with the Living Wood Fair because of the community spirit and the awareness about land use and building practices. I feel honoured to be part of the team developing this into a yearly returning specialised event that brings people into Golden Bay. This event focuses on solutions to environmental issues that need an honest and bold approach. I feel passionate about bringing a diversity of people and organisations to the table to discuss these important matters and the Living Wood Fair is a great platform to do so for years to come.  

Steve and Nerissa Cottle

Our names are Steve and Nerissa Cottle and we are the Living Wood Fair Market coordinators and Steve is the Chairperson for LWF Committee. We both grew up in Golden Bay and love being part of this community, we bring many years of retail, customer service and event organisation experience to the Wood Fair team. We wanted to support this event as we think it will have a lot to offer Golden Bay now and in the future. Look forward to seeing you all there. 

Erik Wardrop

I am passionate about the outdoors and this has lead me into the forest industry where I have worked for most of my adult life. I have dabbled in dairy farming and beekeeping but still am actively involved in forestry as a contract tree faller and firefighter.
I facilitate the forestry forum at the wood fair and it is my desire to see the industry adapt to meet the challenges involved with climate change and improve forest systems to minimise environmental impacts.  Erik is also a committee member.

Dale Westerink

Hi I’m Dale,the main part I play in the Living Wood Fair is to provide a property for its location and general preparation of the grounds and infrastructure. My skills and interests revolve around all things trees: nursery work, planting, pruning, maintenance and also general building skills, work as a builder and a long interest in playing music in bands. I’m involved in the Wood Fair because the aims and objectives – to facilitate change in the way forestry and building are done in New Zealand – correspond to my own, i.e. true sustainability – a planet that sustains humans for longer than another 50 years.