This is the third Living Wood Fair, we aim to inspire people, young and old, to reintroduce old ways of crafting and to share new knowledge and skills. The workshop zone offers a range of different opportunities to learn new skills and walk away with your own creation at the end of the day. 

Please pre-purchase your workshop tickets online at Eventfinda as we cannot guarantee there will be spaces available to book during the fair. Keep checking this page as workshops are selling out fast!

If there are any workshop tickets remaining after online sales close they will be available at the Info Tent in the Main Arena.

All online ticket sales finish at 1pm Friday 16th April.


Taonga Puoro Wānanga

Renowned artists Robin Slow, Brian Flintoff, Bob Bickerton, Ariana Tikao, Holly Tikao-Weir and Solomon Rahui are collaborating to bring art, music and storytelling to the Living Wood Fair, as they play and talk about Taonga Puoro, the traditional musical instruments of Māori. 

Brian Flintoff says, “We are delighted and privileged to work as a group of friends who believe that our varied art forms, visual and musical, are powerful vehicles that convey treasures held in traditional stories, sayings and concepts. We offer this in the hope that this combination of sounds and sights create an experience that can enrich others lives in the way it does so for us”.

And Robin Slow adds, “Our kaupapa has been to work together, using painting, carving and music to bind narratives that help reflect the whakataukī; ‘Plait the rope that binds the past to the future’ ”.

Making a Kōauau – $25

– Sun – 9.30am-11.30am (SOLD OUT)

This workshop led by master carver Brian Flintoff, will explore the construction and decoration techniques involved in making the kōauau (traditional Māori flute) and the porotiti (wooden spun disc). Participants will work with mataī blanks or bamboo to create their own instrument and then will be taught to play the instrument by Bob Bickerton, Ariana Tikao, Holly Tikao-Weir and Solomon Rahui.

This workshop has 20 places and is suitable for 11 years plus.


Rekindle – an organisation based in Christchurch that provides opportunities for resourcefulness by promoting the skills & knowledge involved in creating what we need from what we have; they have a focus on transforming undervalued local resources through care and craft.

Diana Duncan: Rekindle

Diana learnt tī kōuka string and basket making from Juliet Arnott in 2016 and joined Rekindle as a tutor in 2019. In this time Diana has explored this materials use in a myriad of ways. Having studied fashion design and worked in clothing repairs and alterations Diana has always enjoyed creative design and problem solving. Her desire to tread lightly on this earth and conserve its resources has found a natural fit with this locally abundant and durable material. She has also worked with willow and is eager to deepen her weaving knowledge experience.

String & Rope-making with tī kōuka/cabbage tree leaves $25

Saturday 4-5.30pm (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 1-2.30pm (SOLD OUT)

Learn how to use tī kōuka / cabbage tree leaves to make a strong and beautiful twine. Rekindle’s most popular workshop, this technique for making string and rope is simple and can be used with many different materials.

Tī kōuka cabbage tree leaves are such an abundant and multi-purpose material that we can find all around us. If you have access to fallen/brown cabbage tree leaves, please feel free to bring a big bunch along with you, which have been soaked overnight or longer.

There are 12 places available in this workshop. This class is suitable for all ages.


Basket-weaving with tī kōuka/cabbage tree leaves – $50

– Saturday 9.30am – 1.30pm (SOLD OUT)

This course will give you a resourceful skill that you’ll be able to use in so many ways for the rest of your life! This technique for basket-weaving can be used with many different materials. We will teach you how to use tī kōuka / cabbage tree leaves as these are abundantly available.

If you have access to fallen tī kōuka / cabbage tree leaves, do bring in as big a bundle as you can! We would be most appreciative as we always need more of this valuable resource.

There are 10 places available in this workshop. This class is suitable for adults.


Douglas Horrell: Rekindle

Douglas Horrell has been teaching with Rekindle since 2017 and specialises in hand-carved, functional items such as spoons and bowls, as well as having an interest in chair-making and other greenwood traditions. He also has a growing interest in toolmaking – forging his own tools from high carbon steel. He hopes to offer locally-made carving tools to Rekindle students in the future. You can find him on Instagram and Facebook as @cleftcraft

Come along and learn how to make a spoon! $40

– Saturday 12.30pm – 3.30pm (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 9.30am – 12.30pm (SOLD OUT)

You will learn basic whittling techniques with straight & curved whittling knives, and learn all about the ancient traditions of greenwood-working. There are 8 spaces in this workshop.

Please note: This workshop is only suited to adults and those who can work safely without direct supervision with very sharp hand tools.


Simone Bensdorp: Rekindle

Simone Bensdorp is a textile artist and teacher with a passion for sustainability and creativity. Her work is grounded by a philosophy of resourcefulness, using local, repurposed and sustainable materials wherever possible. She is committed to keeping traditional felt making skills alive, while continuing to expand and push boundaries with contemporary techniques.Simone’s workshops aim to equip people with practical skills, whilst providing a safe space for creative expression and learning. She loves sharing the knowledge of traditional crafts, and the inevitable stories, laughter and connections that come with it.

Eco-printing workshop – $40

Saturday 2pm – 5pm (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 9.30am – 12.30pm (SOLD OUT)

In this workshop you will learn two different techniques to print botanical materials onto fabric. First we will use foraged plants and food scraps to upcycle an item of clothing using the ‘Eco-printing’ method. This method uses heat to transfer the plant pigment onto the fabric and can produce stunning results! While our garments are in the dyepot we will have a go at Hapa-zome, to create colour by pounding leaves and flowers onto fabric.

Please bring along an item of clothing or some fabric to dye. Choose white or light coloured natural fibres – wool, silk, cotton, linen etc, but please don’t buy anything new! Have a look in local op shops or the back of your wardrobe.

Also feel free to bring along any plant material you may want to use. A few things that work well are: – Eucalyptus leaves – Rose and blackberry leaves – Deciduous tree leaves, e.g. oak and maple. – Onion skins – Bright coloured flowers, e.g. marigolds, hollyhocks. – Some fruit tree leaves – Pear and feijoa work well.

Please also bring some rubber gloves if you have them, plus a bag or container to carry home your dyed item as it may still be damp at the end of the workshop.

There are 8 spaces in this workshop. This workshop is suitable for adults.


Lily Duval: Rekindle

Lily is a multi-faceted artist and craftsperson who is resourceful by nature. She’s spent the last decade growing food, building her own tiny house and learning how to do a variety of natural crafts. She has just finished a MA which examines attitudes to insects in Aotearoa and she has done some watercolour illustration work to raise awareness of threatened species. Lily has experience working with folk in a variety of different settings and has a passion for teaching & working with young folk.

Spoon-carving for youngsters – $40

– Sat 9.30am – 12pm (only 2 spaces left)

Sun 3pm – 5.30pm (only 2 spaces left)

This 2.5 hour workshop is an opportunity for 6 young people per workshop to each come with an adult who will work closely with them, to carve a spoon from green timber.

Children will learn basic whittling techniques with straight & curved whittling knives, and learn all about the ancient traditions of greenwood-working. Children must be of an age where they can safely handle a whittling knife with your supervision. Suitable for children 10 and over. There are 6 spaces in this workshop – 1 ticket for each adult/child pair.

One-on-one adult supervision is required for this workshop.


Kuva Zakheim: Rekindle

Kuva has spent much of his life exploring the intersection of philosophy, meditation and resourceful craft. He is curious about the impact our everyday objects have on our sense of self and how we view and engage with our world. Kuva is particularly drawn to reuse of materials and uses a wide range of craft skills in his practice including metal work, sewing, printing, & tool making.

Making a mala by hand-carving beads$50

Sun 1pm – 5pm (SOLD OUT)

This workshop is about using our inner resources, and developing our ability to access from within what we need for lives we value.The act of carving meditation beads is in itself a meditation. Over the course of the workshop, we will learn to carve beads and how to string them to form a mala. We also explore different traditions that make use of meditation beads and how they do so. We will also looks at some meditative and relaxing practices.

Please wear clothing appropriate for carving and sitting comfortably. We will provide carving knives, Hazel or sycamore saplings as well as the string and cord.

There are 6 spaces in this workshop and it is suitable for adults.


Alexander Wright

A philosophical woodwork practice (and business) concerned with appreciating what has gone before and contributing to culture in a practical manner. Alexander has been self employed in his philosophical woodwork practice for over twenty years and will demonstrate the assessment, handling and utilisation of recycled timber.

Working with what’s to hand – $25

– Sun 12pm – 2pm

Woodworking Friends Collective. 

Whether you pull it out of a skip or salvage something from a building site, recycled timber can add depth and interest to your work.

Learn about basic tools and techniques used to process recycled timber reasonably efficiently and how such materials and productive capacity may inform your design process.

This workshop has 8 spaces aged twelve and above, children must be supervised.


Phill Jones

I’m a woodworker and a professional musician who loves to combine these skills through my business, Tukituki Instruments. I’ve built a Tiny Home, several hundred Cajón Box-Drums, and various musical instruments for performing musicians, schools, and music therapists.

Musical woodworking – $25

Sat 1pm-3pm (SOLD OUT)

Phill will discuss his background as a Musician and Woodworker and demonstrate the instruments he crafts through his business, Tukituki Instruments. Including several instruments which are part of an upcoming exhibition of musical objects made of locally scavenged and salvaged timber from the Hawke’s Bay area. Participants will then build a simple Marimba using timber offcuts, driftwood, and other found and recycled pieces of timber. We will go over the fundamentals behind free bar instruments so you can build your own at school or at home and improve on the design with some advanced tips. If you’ve ever enjoyed that sweet melodic “ding” or hearty “thock” of a piece of wood you’ve found lying about, you’ll enjoy making and playing a Marimba in this workshop.

There are 8 spaces available for this workshop and it is suitable for all ages


Samuel Keer

I’m a part-time greenwood and leather worker, toolmaker and spoon carving teacher based in a small home studio in Wellington. I work almost exclusively with traditional hand tools, and entirely so for my greenwood work, namely axes, adzes and knives. I have run greenwood spoon carving courses through various organisations and from my home since 2014 and find a deep satisfaction in passing on my passion for this beautiful craft to others

Greenwood work and spoon carving – the next level – $25

Sat 3.30pm- 5.30pm (SOLD OUT)

Sun 2.30pm – 4.30pm (SOLD OUT)

This workshop is aimed at people who have already made a start with spoon or other carving with knives, either with green or seasoned wood, and want to take their skills, approach, and work to the next level. The focus will be on refining traditional axe and knife techniques for efficient carving, understanding the nuances of tool design and maintenance which make for efficiency and a finer finish, and generally moving towards a feeling that you’re working with, rather than fighting against, the material. Some, but not a lot of experience is required and if you have your own tools you can bring them along.

This workshop is suitable for adults, there are 6 spaces available.

Website:, Instagram: @samuel.keer


Pat Baker Hells Kitchen Forges

Welcome to Hells Kitchen Forges est 1999. We are a husband and wife team, we design and manufacture original hand forged furniture and commissioned work for clients using traditional methods to create authentic pieces. We like our art to be unique, edgy and functional.

Introduction to blacksmithing using traditional methods $50

Sat 9.30am – 1pm, Sat 2pm – 5.30pm (SOLD OUT)
Sun 9.30am – 1pm, Sun 2pm – 5.30pm (SOLD OUT)

Introduction to blacksmithing using traditional methods. Participants will have the option to forge a simple blacksmith/viking knife, a wood chisel or an S hook or nail.

Please wear appropriate clothing: long trousers, covered shoes (not gumboots) and nothing too loose or flappy. Glasses, gloves and aprons provided.

There are 5 places available for this workshop, it is suitable for adults, and a child with an adult to work together (1 ticket for each adult/child pair).


Kerry Mulligan

Kerry has a passion for earth and natural building and loves sharing this and introducing people to this timeless and beautiful form of construction. She also lectures at Ara Institute of Canterbury in Architecture and Sustainable Practice. Green woodworking, surfing, gardening, and playing music also keep her busy.

Introduction to earth building techniques, mixtures and methods.- $40

– Sat 1pm- 4pm (only a few spaces left)

– Sun 1pm – 4pm

Introduction to earth building techniques, mixtures and methods.

Earth as a building material. Identification of suitable soils and mixtures for a variety of earth building techniques.

These workshops are suitable for adults and supervised children, there are 12 spaces available in each workshop.


Graeme Scott

Graeme has been a carpenter for most of his life and for more than 15 years it has been his profession. In Canada he studied then worked as a log builder,  back in the UK he learnt timber framing, then for many years ran an eco build company and saw mill, utilising various building techniques including logs, round wood, traditional timber frame joinery and straw bale. Having moved to New Zealand with his family 8 years ago Graeme worked as a conventional carpenter builder but knew this toxic, limiting, chemical filled, building industry was not the best way to build so set out to teach and empower individuals in natural building. With his wife he founded Golden Frames Woodworking School where they ran a variety of courses from their home. They are also the founders of the Living Wood Fair and Tiny Lifestyle.

Traditional Timber Frame Joinery Taster- $40

Sat 9.30am-12.30pm (SOLD OUT)

With this Traditional Timber Frame Joinery taster session you will learn how to level up, calculate, mark and cut a mortise and tenon joint and drive a hardwood peg through it to hold it in place in the traditional style.

There are 8 spaces available and this workshop is suitable for adults.


Steve Richards

Kia ora, I’m Steve Richards. I live in Tasman with Judy, at the Jester House. I started my Natural Building journey 28 years ago when we started building our own Rammed Earth and Adobe house. I’m an owner builder who has had the good fortune to be able to build a number of buildings using various earth techniques and have come to the conclusion that the ‘Light Earth Method (LEM) is the most appropriate for our temperate climate. This, combined with my desire to help people to realise their dreams and create warm and healthy homes has led me to these workshops. I believe decarbonising our construction industry is a vital and sensible step forward and with good practice can lead to healthy affordable homes.

How to convert your shed/garage using Light Earth Method to a warm, dry habitable space$25

 – Sat 10.30am-12.30pm (SOLD OUT)

Learn how to convert an existing shed /garage into a warm, dry, living space using 2 simple natural building techniques . After this two hour hands-on workshop you will be able to apply the light earth method (LEM) and Laths and Earth Plaster to upcycle your shed.

Light Earth Method: Building for bugger all – $25

– Sun 10.30am-12.30pm (only 2 spaces left)

Use this hands on opportunity to learn how to use Light Earth and earthen plaster  combined with recycled/gathered materials to build a livable low cost house. This two hour workshop will teach you how to build simple walls and insulated ceilings using the Light Earth method and earthen plaster

These workshops are suitable for adults and supervised children, there are 12 spaces in each workshop.


Annika Korsten

Annika and Levi live a simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle in Golden Bay, so collecting and preparing wild plants is what they do each day. Annika is passionate about nourishing and connecting people through food. As an experienced homesteader, chef, and professional baker she encourages participants to take part in her creative and adventurous food creations.

Deliciously Wild: foraging and cooking – $40

Sat 2pm- 5pm

We live on a wild food diet and present easy plant identification tips and share our unique recipes.

Participants identify plants at the Fairholme venue, taste them, and learn about their health benefits and medicinal properties. We share our experience living simple and off the land, and being connected with nature in all the seasons.

In a short cooking demonstration, Annika offers different ways to integrate wild plants into a modern diet.

This workshop is for all ages and there are 15 spaces available.


Levi Harrison

As a young boy already I was dreaming of making fire without matches. Now traditional skills are part of my daily life. I live in the bush in a simple setting and live off what I have hunted, gathered, and fished. For a few years now I have been teaching these skills to people that want to reconnect to nature and awaken the wild within.

Lighting fire “the old way”- $35

– Sat 10am-12pm (only 1 space left)

Lighting fire “the old way” is a magic process. No matches needed, no flint and steel. Friction fire is generally generated by the friction between two pieces of wood, one moving and one stationary. The bow drill is an ancient method to get the spindle up to speed quite easily and can well be learned within a workshop. In the course of this workshop, you will build your own bow drill from scratch and learn to use it.

Please bring a pocket knife or similar for you and your child if you have one.

This workshop is suitable for a child with an adult to work together, there are 6 places available. 1 ticket for each adult/child pair.

Here is a short video of how it is done:;

One-on-one adult supervision is required for this workshop.


John Massey

I’m a plant person. I love introducing people to the magic of plants. I’ve been doing this for a long time. It’s not going to stop because I’m always learning, always fascinated by the plants that clothe the earth and which feed us humans and give us medicines.

Medicinal herb walk – $25

Sun 1pm – 3pm

Identifying and learning about hidden qualities, of food and medicine in the wild plants around the Living wood fair site.

Basically the walks/talks are about exploring the wild plants of the Fairholm venue and talking about the myriad aspects/values/qualities of those plants so that the participants have more appreciation and understanding of the plant world.

This workshop has 15 spaces and is suitable for adults


Sol Morgan

Sol trained in Horticulture at polytechnic and Lincoln University. Through running the community gardens and his business GroWise Consultancy, Sol has had many years experience and training in pruning fruit trees for greater abundance, health and practicality, he will share his knowledge with you. Passionate permaculturist and organic gardener for over 40 years. Sol is dedicated to helping people create sustainable edible landscapes

Fruit pruning and training – $25

– Sun 10am-12pm (only 1 space left)

This workshop has 15 spaces and is suitable for adults and youth.

GroWise Consultancy (FB)


Please follow this link to book any of the workshops above. See you there!